About me

Welcome to Aslaug’s Bakery

My name is Cecilia Aslaug. I’m a 20-year-old girl, living in Denmark. I’m half Swede, so many of my recipes are inspired by Sweden and the spices they use. I spent most of my time in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients, taste, and decorations.
I made this blog, so I had a place to store all my recipes, and to share with people who also like to work in the sweet kitchen.

More about me…

I’ve always loved to be creative and I’ve had a lot of different hobbies over the years. I’ve been a couple of theaters and musicals (Amateur) and once I was the script girl, where I helped the director.
I’ve also played the violin for many years, and I used to go to the choir.
I draw and paint, and at the moment I’m taking a course, where I paint with acrylic paint and expanding my boundaries and challenging my perfectionism.

My family and I are a part of a Viking group. We participate in different Viking markets. So my next project there is built a Viking oven. It could be awesome to bake bread every day to the camp, and so the tourists can get the opportunity to taste real Viking bread, baked with sourdough.